Annual Wellness

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Today our pets are living longer, healthier lives. We care for your pet not just like they are part of your family but part of ours. We want them to achieve a happier, healthier, and more active life. We recommend yearly laboratory screening test to monitor organ function much like your own physician.

Annual wellness exams include:

Every pet should have a yearly physical examination by a veterinarian. Some pets (eg. older pets) should be seen even more frequently. Just like people, pets can have a range of what is ‘normal’ for them. Bringing your pet to a veterinarian at least once a year helps us keep track of any changes in your pet’s individual values, and may help detect some disease processes before they become a problem. Ask your veterinarian how often your pet needs a physical examination.

Vaccinations are important part of preventing disease in your pet. Vaccine recommendations for your pet are available at The Pet Mechanic. These determinations are based on your pet’s history, current health, and lifestyle.

Detection through blood work helps prevent and treat potentially dangerous illnesses. Sick or senior pets often have more than one disease affecting them, complicating diagnosis and treatment. Blood tests can help pinpoint the problems. Some medications can harm pets with underlying problems like kidney or liver disease. Blood tests can ensure your pet is healthy enough to take the medication. Even in young and healthy pets, lab testing gives us a valuable baseline picture of what represents good health for your individual pet. A recommended part of your pet’s annual exam, blood tests can spot health trends sooner, before they become more serious.

Heartworm disease is a serious, progressive disease. The earlier it is detected, the better the chances the pet will recover. There are few, if any, early signs of disease when a dog or cat is infected with heartworms, so detecting their presence with a heartworm test administered by a veterinarian is important. The test requires just a small blood sample from your pet, and it works by detecting the presence of heartworm proteins. The Pet Mechanic can process heartworm tests right in our diagnostic laboratory, so results are obtained quickly. 

Every pet should have an annual fecal exam. This routine test requires only a simple collection of your pet’s feces. With that sample, we test for multiple intestinal parasites that could be affecting your pet’s current or future health.

Your pet’s annual wellness visit is a great time to address any concerns you might have about their health. Your vet doesn’t live with your pet, so speaking up on their behalf is key. When you visit your vet, it’s important to convey each and every thing that’s been going on with your precious little fur baby. 

These things can identify subtle, early risk factors of common diseases before clinical symptoms are seen. This can allow us to pursue early treatment to minimize any long-term impact and possibly life-threatening diseases.

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