Birds / Avian

Birds / Avian

Importance of Avian Beak & Nail Trims

A bird’s beak: A birds beak is multipurpose. It is used for eating, feeding, preening, grasping, climbing, self-defense, touching, playing and communication. The beak is continually growing but birds are always wearing down the tip as they eat, grasp and play. You may notice that after a bird eats, they clean their beak off by rubbing it on a perch or toy, etc. They also grind their upper and lower beak together. By doing so, this essentially helps their beak wear down. Other ways to naturally allow a bird to groom their beak is by providing many different bird safe toys and chewing activities.
Typically if your bird’s beak is too long, they could have a potential medical issue and should be assessed by your veterinarian. It is not advisable to trim your own birds beak at home as they have a large blood vessel running down the centre of the beak that will bleed profusely if cut. 
A bird’s nails: Birds in their natural environment are quite active and will rest on a variety of perches of different shapes, sizes and textures during their day. Landing on these, as well as grooming and preening allow the nails to maintain length and health.
In captivity, birds typically have 1 or 2 perches that are the same size, diameter and texture. This leads to inequality of the way their nails grow and wear. Without trimming, nails can become excessively long and overgrown. This can lead to them being caught and/or causing injuries.

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