Benefits of Enrolling in a Wellness Plan

Why You Should Consider Enrolling Your Pet

Wellness Plans are not insurance. Instead they are affordable packages of recommended preventive care that can save you money and deliver care to your pet in these key areas: twice-a-year comprehensive exams, dental, behavior consultations, parasite control, nutrition and vaccinations. While pet insurance is designed to help you manage your budget for unplanned emergencies or illnesses that could break the bank, enrolling in a Wellness Plan with The Pet Mechanic covers the routine pet visits and other preventative services not covered by insurance.

Each plan includes a bundle of preventive care services and discounts that have been designed to meet the needs of your pet based on their particular life stage. These services are generally provided during two comprehensive exams every year for healthy adult pets, but if your pet gets sick you can always use your unlimited office visits! In addition to this premier access, when you enroll in an adult or senior plan you’re also eligible to receive an additional 5% off additional services. 

Routine check-ups help ensure your pet is in good health and may help prevent certain illnesses down the line. Since pets aren’t always able to communicate their ailments, it’s a good opportunity for them to be examined by a professional. A Wellness Plan helps provide early detection of illness and disease and offers early treatment to help prevent pain and further complications later in their life.