Coming Soon—Pet Portal

The Best Application to Manage Your Pets Health

The Pet Mechanic is excited to announce that beginning on January 7, 2020 we will be implementing a new application called Rapport Pet Portal to manage your pets records and appointments.  As we’ve grown to become one of the largest veterinary practices in Philadelphia, we decided it was time to offer the best patient management software available in the industry.

It will give you many new and improved options to manage your pet’s health care needs. You will have more options available to schedule appointments, refill medications, and review veterinary medical information. There will also be an app available for your phone to enhance your opportunity to utilize all of the options available through Rapport.

Communication is essential to maintain a healthy relationship with The Pet Mechanic. With Rapport, you will be in control of the method by which you choose to communicate. You can receive reminders of upcoming appointments by email, text or phone. Importantly, you can set preferences through the new pet portal to ensure timely communication without excessive messages.

Rest assured, The Pet Mechanic staff will continue to be as attentive and available to you as before. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.