COVID-19 Response

To The Pet Mechanic Family,

We have decided to follow the AVMA recommendations and only see drop off appointments, we are still open and will still provide all the same services. We are trying to reduce the risk to our staff and clients to keep everyone safe.


The doors will be locked so only staff is permitted inside. Clients are asked to wait in their cars, go back home, or if wanting to wait outside stay at least 6 feet from other clients. 

If the client is not feeling well or in quarantine please have them make arrangements for someone else to bring the animal in, or email/call about any medical concerns which may be handled through telemedicine. 

Clients will be sent a medical questionnaire sheet in advance of their appointment, please bring this sheet filled out to your appointment. You can access this form by clicking here 

When the client is here for the appointment they should call or let the reception area know. At that time a staff member will meet you outside and bring your animal to the veterinarian. You will receive a call to discuss all exam findings, problems, questions, vaccines, and any warranted treatment. This may be from a blocked number so please answer. 

Once the exam is finished and treatments performed all payment will be taken over the phone and a set pick up time will be made, or animal will be returned to the client waiting outside. 

All cats must be brought in carriers and we will use our own leashes to bring the dogs into the hospital. All technicians must wear gloves when retrieving animals from owners. 

Please allow up to 48 hours for medication refills, all payment will be taken over the phone and the medication will be brought out to you.

Currently the WHO (World Health Organization) has not identified any companion animal to human spread of COVID-19.  Studies are being performed about how our companion animals are involved in this outbreak, and we will update you accordingly.  We have also fielded several questions about coronaviruses in animals.  Most of our domestic animals have their own strains of coronaviruses, which are specific for that species and pose no risk to humans.

Below are two excellent resources pertaining to COVID-19.

AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association):

WHO (World Health Organization)

During this stressful time, please know that we are here to keep your furry friends healthy and happy.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to give us a call at 267-519-0387 or email us at  Thank you for your understanding.


Doctors and Staff at The Pet Mechanic