On Site Diagnostics

Because Your Pet Doesn’t Come With a Check Engine Light

The Pet Mechanic boasts one of the most technologically advanced veterinary labs in Philadelphia. Our analyzers allow for comprehensive diagnostic information during your visit.  Unlike other veterinary practices that leave you waiting for days as they await the lab work to be completed off site, we are able to determine any underlying issues and begin a course of treatment immediately.  

The IDEXX Catalyst One

The efficiency of the IDEXX Catalyst One blood analyzer means it can test for 33 parameters, including chemistry, electrolyte, and immunoassay profiles—all in a single run of blood.  It provides us with accurate and unprecedented insight into your pet’s overall health in under 30 minutes time.

The SediVue Dx

Routine urinalysis helps diagnose hidden health conditions that may exist in otherwise “healthy” patients. The SediVue Dx is our world class urine sediment analyzer that delivers consistent, accurate test results in approximately 3 minutes.  It has the ability to produces high-resolution, high-contrast digital images that can be shared in real time and leverages cutting-edge Neural Network technology to better identify abnormalities with each result generated.  

The ProCyte Dx

The ProCyte Dx is first and only in-house hematology analyzer that combines three cutting-edge technologies for accurate results in just two minutes.  This technology allows us to check red and white blood cells and platelets, determining color, shape, size and count.  This analysis gives important insight into potential diseases including some forms of cancer. 

At the Pet Mechanic you can be assured that we have the best technology available for the assessment and prevention of health risks to your pet. To learn more about the full scope of tests available at The Pet Mechanic, please click here ▸