Small Mammal & Exotic Services

We are excited to announce that we now offer small mammal and exotic pet services at our South St. location. If you are the owner of a small mammal or exotic pet, you want to know exactly how to meet their needs. The truth is they require some of the same routine wellness care as our dogs and cats do. It takes a veterinarian with special experience and knowledge to care for them, and at The Pet Mechanic you can be assured that your little loved one is in highly skilled, compassionate hands. 

Tips from The Pet Mechanic:

  • These animals are considered “prey species” in the wild and as such they try to hide and mask any illness or health problems.
  • Small pets and reptiles will usually change behavior subtly as an indicator something is wrong.
  • We recommend bringing in for an exam when you have medical concerns and never “waiting it out”. It usually never gets better on it’s own and due to their smaller size and unique systems it can get worse very quickly. 
  • Having you pet seen on a regular basis is key to keeping them healthy
  • Parasites are common in exotic pets and may spread to humans if not treated quickly. Parasite prevention is recommended as a routine part of their care.
  • Most common medical issues/concerns come from incorrect husbandry (housing/special care/feeding needs). 

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